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Woodbridge Art Club is a local art club, situated near the picturesque Tide Mill on the banks of the River Deben in Woodbridge Suffolk. We use our largest room as our exhibition gallery. It is convenently designed so that we can also use it for art club meetings, demonstrations and talks by visiting artists, and our own artwork. A studio room is reserved for our own activities and there is a special pottery room with a kiln and an electric wheel.

Our paintings, pottery and lacework can be displayed on the walls, tables and shelves. There are also four mobile screens for paintings, which can be moved aside to make room for other activities.




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Our Exhibitions

We hold exhibitions of our work for a large part of the year in our gallery, when we show our original paintings, pottery, lacework and cards individually produced by our artists. We are open from Easter to the end of September (open 10am to 5pm) and in November (open 10am to 4pm). We are open on Saturdays, Sundays and bank holidays, the other days we are closed for club activities. You will be very welcome to visit us. Entry is free. No obligation to buy. There is no public parking in the immediate vicinity of the harbour. Please see the map on the Visit Woodbridge Art Club page for local parking.





Our ideal harbourside position proved to be a disadvantage in December 2013 when there were widespread floods on the east coast, including Woodbridge. Our clubhouse is just outside the flood defence wall and was badly flooded. The flood struck around midnight on 5/6 December 2013. Water came up through the drains as well as through the doors and reached a foot and a half up the walls. The benches round the walls and all the books and everything stored in the cupboards underneath them were ruined, and had to be thrown out, as did the electric heaters, all the kitchen equipment and much of the pottery materials. Plaster had to be stripped off the walls, and it took 4 months for the building to dry out sufficiently for the renovation to start. We weren't able to put on the exhibition that summer until August but we stayed open then until the end of November, and sold lots of paintings and pots. It took quite some time though to recover from being shut most of the summer as people didn't know whether or not we were still there. Bryan King was chairman at the time and he and the committee had to spend a great deal of time sorting out the chaos and managing the work. We hope now that we are less vulnerable to future flooding, and we took the opportunity to make some improvements. We are grateful to Suffolk Coastal Council for a grant towards the new flood gate protecting the front door.