Essex Art Club

Patron: Ken Howard, OBE, RA, RWS, RWA, ROI, RBA, Hon. NEAC.

President: John Tookey, PS.

Essex Art Club: About Us



Sylvia Paul

Photo by Tony Connor.



Club Activities


Our main activities are exhibitions (usually three a year). In the winter we meet at Wanstead House, usually on the last Sunday of each month from 2.30 to 4.30 pm for a practical demonstration by a professional artist, or a talk on art history or some other aspect of art. Non-members are welcome and are charged £5.    Informal painting sessions take place once a month at St Barnabas Church Hall in Woodford. There is also a portrait group which meets weekly for much of the year.


Sunday Painting Sessions

These are held at St Barnabus Church Hall in Snakes Lane East, a few minutes walk from Woodford Station. The 275 bus stop is even closer.

2.00 - 4.30 pm with a break for tea, coffee and biscuits. Please bring all necessary equipment. NO turps allowed in the hall. Members £4.00, non-members £5.00.

Now restarted. Dates for 202213th February, 13th March, 10th April,8th May, 12th June, 10th July, 14th August, 11th September,9th October, 6th November, 4th December. Check with Mary Springham.(see enquiries).



We try to have three exhibitions per year, one in central London, two locally.  In 2008 we exhibited for two exciting months at the Guildhall Art Gallery . In past years our exhibition sites in London have included the Guildhall; Bishopsgate Library (several times); St Botolph's Church, Aldgate; the Restaurant Gallery, St John's, Smith Square; Gallery 47 opposite the British Museum and Gallery 54, Shepherd Market, London W1. In 2017 we exhibited at the Barbican Library. In 2018 and 2019 we exhibited at the Housemill Gallery.


Wanstead House Exhibition 2nd & 3rd September 2022.





Programme 2022

Sundays 2.30 - 4.30



Portrait Group

The Portrait Group meets on Fridays at Wanstead House, The Green, Wanstead from 8 - 10 pm.  The charge is £7 when you attend (no commitment to a course).    We pay £12 if you sit for us:   not a lot but we're very friendly - and you might get sketched or even painted by a professional! The portrait group has always been connected with Essex Art Club, but is not officially part of it.  Contact: david.boland1

or 01708 708xyz824 (remove the xyz before using).



Christmas Party

We have our Christmas Party at Wanstead House each December, for members and their guests only.


Wanstead House

Wanstead House(21 The Green, Wanstead, E11 2NT, about a hundred yards from Wanstead Underground station) and the hall behind it, is our usual venue for demonstrations, talks, and social functions.


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