Derek Springham: Original Paintings

Watercolour Paintings by Derek Springham

			     by Derek Springham entitled ' Remembrance Day'

Remembrance Day Parade, London 2007.

Watercolour and pastel.

Welcome to my Website


I spent much of my working life doing research and teaching in microbiology and biochemistry, first at the Brewing Research Foundation, then at Queen Mary, London University.


I have been seriously interested in art for about sixteen years and studied part-time over ten years, mainly with Mick Martin (drawing), Eamon Everall (portraits), Alistair Kendry and Lodewyk Pretor (watercolour), and Ruth Bryson (life).


My favourite subjects are landscapes, especially coastal and river scenes, portraits (mainly in watercolour) and the waterways and buildings of Venice. Most of my paintings are in pen and wash, watercolour, or acrylic. Sometimes I take my paintings or photographs and modify them in the computer


I am a member of the Essex Art Club, Theydon Art Group (both by election) and the Woodbridge Art Club.


I also design websites.


I split my time between Essex and Woodbridge in Suffolk and have a long, fond association with Orkney.


This picture of the Remembrance Day Parade in London in 2007, was exhibited (and sold) at the Essex Art Club exhibition at the Guildhall Art Gallery in 2008. I have always found Remembrance Day parades to be very moving and had wanted to do a picture like this for many years.

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