Exhibition at Wanstead House 10th & 11th October 2015

 Exhibition open: Saturday 10th (10 a.m. – 5 p.m.) and Sunday 11th (10 a.m. – 4.30 p.m.)

Entry is free.  Café open as usual for food drinks and conversation.  Please bring your friends.  Donations of cakes will be

very welcome.  Bring them in with your pictures.

 Conditions of entry

 All works must be for sale (except for commissioned portraits). Only members who have paid their annual subscription by September 1st

2015 are eligible to enter pictures. 

Pictures must be delivered to Wanstead House Hall on Friday 9th October between 5.00 and 6.00 pm (not earlier than this please). 

If possible, all pictures which meet the requirements will be hung. The entry fee is £2 for each framed picture or sculpture with a maximum

of five. All exhibits not sold must be collected from the exhibition on Sunday 12th October at 4.30 pm.  (We have to be out of the

hall completely by 5.00 p.m.).

·         Up to five pictures or sculptures may be entered.

Members submitting framed paintings/ drawings/sculptures may also submit their own print cradle or browser box, one per member.  There are

two categories which must be kept separate:

1.      For unframed paintings on paper/card but not canvas or unframed original, limited edition prints (minimum price £25). The print run and number

must be shown.  (Original prints include relief prints, intaglio prints, lithography prints, silkscreen prints, collagraph prints, monoprints and

computer-generated pictures but not copies of paintings).  

2.      For unframed high-quality inkjet prints printed using archival inks and paper (no photocopies, or laser prints), minimum price £10.  There must

be a clear label stating ‘Reproduction Prints’. These must not be described as part of a limited edition.

Submission fee: £2 for the cradle/ box and its contents (which could be shared between members but one must register it).    Items must be cellophane

wrapped, clearly labelled and mounted, and be reinforced enough to survive handling.  Browser boxes must be of colourless plastic or

properly-constructed of wood.  Prices must be clearly marked.

Exhibiting artists may present cards for sale up to A5 in size. Cards must be cellophane wrapped with envelopes, and must be clearly individually

priced, with the name of the artist visible to assist the sales desk. There are only limited spaces for cards, so a maximum of twelve cards can

be accepted per exhibitor.  Exhibitors may replenish cards which are sold. 

 Please remember that hanging is to be left to the hanging committee.

 If you are exhibiting, you are expected to steward or serve in the café unless you are over 80, or can find a substitute.  Please

contact Derek beforehand if you have a good reason for not stewarding.

A commission of 20% will be charged on each sale at the exhibition and each sale or commission which arises from the exhibition,

except that no commission will be charged on card sales. 

The Club’s insurance policy does not cover loss or damage to paintings at the exhibition.  All works are submitted at the owner’s risk, and

owners should arrange their own insurance if required.  The Essex Art Club can accept no responsibility for loss or damage

It is expressly prohibited to make a recognisable copy of part or all of any picture, illustration, photograph or image, whether in hard copy or

digital format, for the purposes of exhibition or sale through the Essex Art Club. If such a copy were hung in an exhibition, or offered for sale,

it could result in legal action for breach of copyright. Artists entering pictures to   Essex Art Club exhibitions or similar events, shall, as a condition

of entry, agree to indemnify the Essex Art Club, the Committee and other members, against any legal penalties, awards or costs, including defence

costs, resulting from infringement of copyright.

 Entry to the exhibition is conditional on the exhibitor accepting all the above provisos.

 Queries :  Derek Springham (020 8504 0584) or enquiries@essexartclub.co.uk

     (During the exhibition only 07523 757279)


Entry Form

Please hand this form in with your paintings (Friday 9th October, 5.00 – 6.00 pm.)


            TITLE                                                                                     MEDIUM     PRICE       FEE


________________________________________________________________________________________(     )


_________________________________________________________________________________________(    )


_________________________________________________________________________________________(    )


_________________________________________________________________________________________(    )


_________________________________________________________________________________________(    )

CRADLE/BROWSER BOX:       for original prints (   )  OR   for reproduction prints (  )

TOTAL FEE  (£      )       (One cheque for the total amount made out to Essex Art Club please)


I have read and accept the Essex Art Club’s entry conditions for the exhibition.

Artist’s name______________________________________________(Please PRINT)

Address ___________________________________________________________________






We shall need stewards for the weekend.  All exhibitors, except those over 80, must steward

or serve in the café.    Please circle any times when you are available below and record the one

finally chosen in your diary.

 I am willing to steward or help in the café on one of the periods marked:-

 SATURDAY          10.00 to 12.30         12.30 to 2.30               2.30 to 5.00

SUNDAY              10.00 to 12.00                      12.00 to 2.00               2.00 to 4.30

Your time will be agreed with you when you hand in your pictures.